Mastering Elden Ring: A Guide to 5 Lesser-Known Techniques

2 min readNov 1, 2023

Hi Elden Ringers! Get ready to level up your game with this concise read.

This guide will cover aspects of the game that aren’t distinctly explained, along with a few easy-to-miss features that can greatly enhance your gameplay experience.

Primary Takeaways

  • Horse Jump Pads
  • Rainbow Stones
  • Shield Bounce
  • Ladder Moves
  • Horse Finisher

Horse Jump Pads

Horse Jump Pads or spirit springs: everyone knows that you can use these to jump high and get to the top of the cliffs, but a lot of people don’t realize that you can do the reverse and jump onto them from the top and not take fall damage.

Rainbow Stones

Rainbow stones are little glowing rocks you can find and then drop on the ground, but what are the hidden tricks? You can drop these off ledges to determine if a fall is deadly.

If it breaks and makes a loud sound, the fall will kill you and, if it lands safely then feel free to drop.

Shield Bounce

Ever notice how sometimes, when an enemy attacks your shields, they’ll bounce off of it, giving you a huge opportunity to guard the counter, but other times they just keep attacking? Well, it turns out this can be influenced by your shield.

Most strong attacks on medium shields will not be deflected, but if you upgrade to a great shield suddenly, a lot more attacks will bounce off.

If you rely a lot on guard counters, investing in strength for a great shield will make a massive difference.

Ladder moves

Did you know you can do actions besides climbing on ladders? You can attack on ladders by pressing r1 to attack above and r2 to attack below. You can also heal on ladders.

Horse Finisher

One last tip: if you knock an enemy off their horse, you can finish while they’re lying on the ground and by far, the coolest way to do this is by parrying the enemy’s attack.

However, if you get knocked off your horse near one of these guys, they can do the same finisher on you. So be careful.

I hope you found these mechanics helpful and feel free to make suggestions.




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